To us, handling logistics means working as a team together with our customers.

We work in the branch of integrated logistics, a business management system functional for the achievement of higher performance levels.

More and more frequently companies choose to outsource the management of some services appealing to a third-party logistics provider, which is an outside company that integrates some activities in order to provide more competitive products and services.

A third-party logistics provider creates value and guarantees the requested flexibility to companies playing in very variable markets and allows costumers to focus their energies on their core business.

Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we propose as logistics operator for management of raw materials provision, storage of goods in internal or external warehouses, transport and forwarding.

We extensively study our customer’s needs and, in a short time, we design targeted and complex logistics solutions.

We manage warehouses into our customers’ plants and external warehouses on consignment.

On request we provide a consulting service in the following areas:

  • Enhancement of the plants layout in order to optimize the internal flows of materials
  • Identification of the most appropriate vehicles and tools for the handling of goods inside the steelworks
  • Warehouse management in terms of method of sampling and storage
  • Optimization of various loading and unloading ways on road and rail vehicles.