Together with our staff, our vehicle fleet is the most important asset of Trailer S.p.A., and it is functional to our activities of forwarder and logistics operator. It consists of 100 trucks and 400 trailers of various type and it provides an high quality service, always efficient and reliable.

Over time our fleet enhanced in order to face any needs of our customers: we added trucks for oversize loads and long products up to 20 meters and for overweight loads up to 90 net tonnes (108 gross tonnes), with annual periodic licences issued by road authorities.

A remarkable novelty is the employment of trailers for the transport of hot billets (up to 600°C) and the purchase of gas-powered trucks, which enable us to do our job in the best way and to decrease the energy consumptions and the environmental impact.

Furthermore we have many lifting means to handle goods into our warehouses and in our stock open areas, into our customers’ plants, in ports and railway terminals.

Despite the oldest vehicles are just 4 years old and traveled 400,000 km, we have two own workshops, aimed to guarantee the best efficiency of our vehicles and their total compliance to the law.

In this way we minimize the risk of accidents and we limit penalties by the supervisory bodies.

Safety is guaranteed by the fact that the whole fleet is equipped with digital control systems, such as tachograph and satellite alarm, and is covered by insurance.