Project Description



To plan and execute the terminal logistics in the provision activity of semi-finished steel products, slabs, coming from NLMK russian plants and going to the plant in Verona. In particular we are required to deal with unloading, weighing and classification, labeling and storage of goods at the ports, custom operations and delivery by truck to the customers’ plant near Verona.


To entrust coordination, execution and control of many different activities to a single specialized subject in order to ensure a steady and continuous flow of material to production. In this way the just in time management (and the related problems) of the warehouse of semi-finished products is transferred to the upstream supply chain and externally to the plant.


  • Coordination among different phases (coming of goods, ships unloading, stock, transport) according to the customers’ production needs and the availability of semi-finished products from suppliers.
  • Operational and IT management of stock with a high number of product codes. All the documents related to stock and transport are produced in electronic format at the port and they are sent directly to the customer’s ERP, allowing the recovery of efficiency and ensuring the correctness of management data.
  • Management of unloading of big ships (part cargo / full cargo) and warranty of high port performances in order to generate favorable chartering conditions and eliminate the risk of demurrage.
  • Optimisation of transport in order to recover efficiency through the maximisation of cargos, a careful plannings and the use of particular veihcles.
  • Absolute and constant compliance of current legislation concerning extraordinary and heavy transports.


Since 2014 we directly manage the unloading and custom operations on behalf of NLMK; we deal with slabs storage at the port; we supply all the connected services and the goods delivery to the production plant.