Project Description

Feralpi Group


Management of warehouses and handling of goods (wire rod, billets and rebar) into Feralpi’s plant in Lonato, Brescia Italy.


  • Restoring of flexibility through the outsourcing of the service.
  • Improvement in terms of accident prevention through the employment of modern vehicles, equipped with high security devices, and procedures and exercise patterns with a lower risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Decrease of costs of services restoring the efficiency through our self-designed vehicles for internal use with high loading potential, and through the organization of work which tends to eliminate waiting and inoperative times.
  • Enhancement of warranties related to the contract conditions especially in relation to the joint and several liability of the contractor.


  • Management of large spaces in which many employees and companies work together in the same area.
  • Internal transfers of a large amount of goods in a short time.
  • Optimization of resources through the flexibility and the professionalism of operators and through the modularity of means and vehicles.


Since 2015 we work into Feralpi’s plant in Lonato with our staff, our own vehicles and our means of handling.