Project Description

Distribution of long steel products


Distribution on North European market of long steel products from Italy; door to door delivery.


Allowing the customer to export its own products in Northern Europe as well, going beyond the logistics limits related to service and guaranteeing a punctual and widespread distribution.


  • To combine different requirements in terms of availability of materials by managing an upstream stock (at our railway terminal in Rezzato) and a downstream stock (at terminals of our European partners) in order to ensure the availability of rail lots for a longer transport route; to coordinate the production needs with those of customer demands.
  • To have competitive prices of road transport by adding two necessary breaking loads in order to ensure the service through an advanced warehouse at destination.
  • Assessment and analysis of multimodal transportation market and North European logistics market.
  • Knowledge of international laws related to road transport of long products, up to 15 meters.
  • Coordination between stock and goods distribution.


In 2015, from our multimodal Rezzato platform we realize our project, designed for an important Italian customer, for door to door distribution of long steel products in northern Europe by road and rail vehicles.