Project Description



Storage and distribution of steel planks (and coils too) coming from the European plants of the customer and addressed to the Italian market. We are also required to manage the advanced warehouse for products addressed to ArcelorMittal’s plant for planks processing near Brescia.


To outsource the final stage of the logistics supply chain, ensuring the best freight conditions (by train), through railway lots that allow for recovery of important volume economies on the long run, and through the availability of an advanced warehouse closer to the customer, with better guarantees for the respect of the promise.


  • Agreement between the production (and forwarding) needs in the readiness of single wagons and lots, and the rail system needs of readiness of complete train in order to allow better conditions and better performances of rail haulage.
  • Coordination between storage and distribution, between the incoming of materials by wagons and its distribution nationwide, always guaranteeing the delivery within the deadline promised.
  • Management, storage and transport of extra long steel products (planks up to 24 meters length).
  • Handling of products (cold rolled coils), which are very sensitive to climate conditions and to surface abrasion, in our stock area, that ensure storage conditions at stable temperatures and humidity.
  • Constant and absolut compliance of current legislation concerning ordinary and extraordinary transports.


Since 2010 we perform a complete service at our railway platform in Rezzato (Brescia): we manage warehouses, we handle and stock goods and we distribute them on the national market.