Commodities sectors

We started with the transportation of long steel products coming from the Falk steelworks in Vobarno. Our core business has always been steel industry. But it has evolved, and today we offer services of transpots, forwardings and logistics management for industrial plants and containers too.

Occasionally we deal also with goods coming from very different commodities sectors, for exemple, food products, goods on pallets, big bags, and non-hazardous waste (in 2011 we obtain by Brescia Province council the authorisation to the retention of some categories of R13 waste into our stock area in Rezzato, both indoor and outdoor; executive act 2338, 07/01/2011).

The logistics solutions we supply are customized and meet our customers’ needs, for this reason we are able to provide consulting and design services for handling, forwarding and stocking of ordinary and extraordinary types of goods, and we realize them.

Our business is for the 95% related to steel industry.

Within this commodities market we provide solutions for the whole range of products coming from the most important Italian steelworks, up to an half million tons of steel moved per year.

The most common product we deal with is REBAR in bundles, which belongs to the long steel products category, as:

  • BARS from 6 to 12 meters
  • HOT BILLETS (with a temperature that exceeds 600 °C)

Flat steel products:


Raw materials:

  • HBI

All these products have different physical features (size, shape, weight, fragility, etc.), as a consequence they need to be transported, handled and stocked by appropiate vehicles and with specific techniques. Our vehicle fleet and our handling means are designed to handle and transport 100% of inbound and outbound products of steelworks.

We own all the appropiate vehicles, the know-how and the necessary expertise to do all the operations required and we can count on important partners.

The organization of forwardings of industrial plants and machinery parts needs a big effort from the point of view of logistics project, both in relation to the road transport, often extraordinary and heavy transports, and the coordination between the phases of the forwarding, which are:

  • Inspection of the pieces of machinery, that have to be transported
  • Quantification and distribution of pieces, depending on weight and size, in order to establish the most appropiate kind of transport and vehicles
  • Customer assistance for all procedures, authorizations, special permits and documents
  • Consultancy to identify and combine the various and best transport solutions (complete or groupage sea forwardings, extraordinary transports, air forwardings)
  • Containerization
  • Coordination for stocking cargoes in ports or into our warehouses
  • Booking of space on ships
  • Coordination of unloading operations at destination place
  • Coordination of information between sender and receiver

Each request is evaluated individually; this allows our customers to benefit from a customized and precise service.

Through our office in La Spezia, we have developed our service of freight, forwarding and handling of containers for machinery parts, steel products and general cargos.

We deal both with import and export, we plans departures from the most important Italian and European ports to international destinations and for any kind of container: dry box, flat rack, open top, hard top.

We offer a door to door service, complete in all its parts:

  • Containers booking
  • Containerization: we stuff goods in containers, offering solutions for full containers or groupage, depending on the quantity, weight and size of goods
  • Consultancy and preparation of custom and insurance documents
  • Sea chartering
  • Containers handling at the port
  • Cargo loading
  • Dunnage, fumigation and other securing operations
  • Punctual sender updating according to the execution of all the operation, delivery message included at arrival of container at the port.
  • Containers emptying